Everything Worthwhile is Uphill



I know from some most couple I’ve worked with, prepping weddings can be overwhelming. Months of preparations, from vendors to guest list, wedding gowns to flower arrangements detail, my favorite couple are finally tying the knot. No matter how stressful it can be and coming from a guy who have attended & worked on lots, a wedding still got me; It is after all, the greatest celebration of love. And, I’m back again with these two, Ray & Fungnie, from the very start of the day. Through my lenses, I tried to capture moments of their very day. That one day they will remember for the rest of their life together.


As I mentioned before in their Pre-Wedding album, they both love nature and it’s apparent in the majestic decoration on their wedding day. Each aisles and corners of the venue are flourishing with lush green décor. The wedding itself is beautiful and serene. And since Raymond is a dear friend from Senior High, I happen to meet lots of people from our past. It kinda feels like a fun reunion. Sure brings back memories from back then. And, it will be a memory everyone would cherish, especially for the happiest couple on that day.


I wish you two well, live happily, pray abundantly, and have a wonderful marriage.


Yours truly, Max