Wedding Kenneth - Sylvie


Personally, I feel that it’s a form of eternal commitment, an expression of everlasting love, and a shrine for two souls to be happy, forever.


All these fuzzy words will mean something to you when you find the one, I guess. We’ll never know how, when, or who is that one person.

I do believe it’s all God’s secret.




Kenneth & Sylvie have been in this dreaded Long Distance Relationship (I know, BooHoo Scary!), for quite some time. Years of living apart, but it never stopped their love to flourish at all. They make do things that normal couple have everyday, because well, LOVE. Love requires actions, not mere words.


I’d probably say it like this: They’ve found a place within each other where their stray pieces will fit, so they’ll do anything for each other to keep it.


I have to admit; I find their story amusing & inspiring.

And, I was more than happy to be the vendors of their banquets, both in Singapore & Surabaya.



To Kenneth & Sylvie.


Wish you a happy marriage!