Living in our Story


Every couple has their own specific stories that is unique to them. But what makes it even more distinct is how they express it. 


Meet Kenneth and Sylvie. This couple is so fun, expressive, and the way they portray their story makes the journey itself even more intriguing. 


When we were preparing for the shoot, I was quite surprised with how they have plot (to a certain degree) their timeline. 

I was so happy to polish all of it watching how excited they are to relive how they met, their progress, and their excitement for the future they are going to have together. 


They immediately picked Sydney, the place that brought them together, falling in love, and start their happily ever after. 


It always takes two to tango. The journey is not always a smooth sail and it takes time, adjustments and changes between the two to make the ride possible. 

From Kenneth having to learn to develop his personal faith; Sylvie learning martial arts which she would never agreed to before; movie-marathon-ing together; illegally hopping from one movie to another with just one ticket; and balancing each other's differences in personalities. 


But it is all worth it! They are off to a great start of an even better and more exciting journey now. Congratulations, friends. The best is yet to come!