Maximilian John

“A man with ambition, a businessman with intuition, an artist with prerogative.”

To be where I am right now, this statement has been the main guidance of my life. You might think this statement is a little bit rough and too theoretical, but seriously I believe these three things have driven me to be a better man, businessman, and artist.

Naturally every person has ambition. The difference between one person to another is the size of it. People who are driven by huge ambition can be the best in their field of expertise. In fact ambition will always put people in a positive way of thinking. On the other hand, ambition with intuition will create a very thorough mind. You will know the steps in achieving that unreachable boundaries that sets you apart from your goal. Eventually with that comes creativity that is needed in being better. When we are talking about creativity, a person with it will always be seen as unique and different, being prerogative, having exclusivity.

Me, talking too much? Hahaha. Well, maybe when you meet me in person and see this small figure of myself you might questioned my ability. But I can assure you that I have these three things ambition, intuition, prerogative. And when these three things combined with the right composition, and shows with the right exposure, definitely it’ll give you the best shot you have ever had.