Maximilian John

From the day I pick up a camera, one of the many reasons why I love taking photos is: the person or people in the photos may change, but the memories live eternally.

Being a part of someone's significant moment of life is truly a privilege and honor. The captured emotions, love, mixed-feelings, tears of joy, unable-to-be-repeated moments are all priceless, therefore making my work an incalculable art.

The best part of being a photographer is that my work become someone's treasure for the rest of their life; and that honor triggers me to do it better and better each time.

Hearing the clicks from my camera, seeing the satisfaction in people’s faces, people posting the images I took as a commemoration of their stories, clients that turn into friends, become so “addictive” and continue to push me to do more.

So, let’s travel and adventure together, and allow me to make your memories live everlasting.